Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I'm not sure how I found out about them, but I've been aware of Poketo for a couple years now. I had the chance to go in December, and it was nothing short of a spiritual experience*. The store is perfect, it feels like it has all of the material things that a person needs for the perfect life. It's like walking into a magazine, but a magazine curated by your most stylish, artistic friend. Everything felt like it was so perfectly considered and executed, and I wanted to stay forever.
Cute mugs and baskets.
Designer-ly socks.
I wanted to touch most of the things on this table.
The notebook-hoarder in me had to be restrained from this display.
We bought this chocolate. It was delicious, and the packaging is adorable.
I wish I had started Poketo.
*Please note that I'm not a person who takes the concept of a spiritual experience** lightly, I reserve it for places like Muji, Poketo, LACMA, MoMA, and films like A Single Man. I'll write a blog post about A Single Man someday, and it'll be amazing.
**I know that someone will call me out for being too consumeristic, but please realize that this is 90% in jest.

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  1. Know where I could find a good thermos? Thanks!