Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Regular Practice

I read Austin Kleon's tumblr fairly frequently, and he posts about artists and writers and the way they do their work. In a number of artist's process, regular practice comes up—writers who write 400 words right when they get up, or artists who do a page in their sketchbook every day. This appeals to me, I like the discipline involved, and so I think I should do something like that.
I've been thinking this for a while (see also: every daily project I have started and abandoned. Welp.) and I the more I try, the more I'm impressed with people who can pull off a daily practice. Austin Kleon himself actually does a daily blackout poem, and it's worked out really well for him.
By Austin Kleon Source
That was a bit of what I thought of when I started this blog, if I make sure to write a blog post every week, then eventually, I'll get better at writing. It worked, for sure. Just check out my first post, it's cringe-worthy now, but at the time, I think that was how I wrote everything at the time. It kind of makes you consider your priorities, when you've promised yourself something, and I want to have those benefits for everything in my life. I have an embarrassing tendency to be lazy with email, but if I had a daily email practice then I would be fantastic at it! I don't exercise as much as I should, but if there was a daily routine that I followed, then I would!
I don't know if it applies to every aspect of my life, but it gives me this glimmer of hope, like daily practice can give me the power to be an amazing person.

Another thing that I really enjoy about his tumblr is the way things are organized and tagged, and I often click on one tag and then fall down that rabbit hole for a while—I like the tags for midwest, day job, and Kurt Vonnegut.

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