Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bodies of Art Preview

 On Friday night, Bodies of Art held a preview for their upcoming show,  Works On Paper.  Works On Paper will be at the Goei Center (818 Butterworth) on Friday, March 1.
At the preview, I had the chance to talk to Corinne Hoen, a designer.  Her piece wasn't finished yet, but she described it as birdlike, with paper wings.  She said "We've been working on it since December" and that she's "A little over 50% done." She and her model, Emily Veldman worked together last year for Bodies of Art as well.  The theme is a little bit more specific this year than it has in the past, requiring that clothing be made of paper, which must be mostly white, although certain accent colors are allowed.  Corinne said "I think they really upped their game this year." and I have to agree with her - from what I've heard, this year's Bodies of Art is going to be the biggest yet!

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