Monday, December 31, 2012

Alex Shayler

Alex Shayler is a young artist who I had the chance to interview a while back.  Here's what he had to say.

How would you describe your work?
I work in pen and ink and my drawings are straightforward and powerful.
What first made you interested in illustration? 
I started doodling in my school sketchbook and my art teacher, Mrs. Colburn, was very helpful and encouraged me. She told me to watch me a television programme, The Pacific, which was about the war and I really liked the drawings used in the credits. I wanted to do something similar but I wanted to make it a bit different. Just black and white and just with pen and ink. I think people were shocked when they first saw my drawings, and this is what has made me carry on as I like the reaction.
What inspires your drawings? 
My mum told me about my great-great grandad, who died during the first world war, and that's mainly what inspired me to draw military subjects.
What do you want to do with art in the future? 
I love drawing and I am very happy carrying on with what I do. If I could have a job drawing full time that would be my dream.
Personally, I know very little about the military and that whole realm of experience  so I've seen very little art relating to it.  I love how Alex uses silhouettes to show his subjects.
I'd like to thank Alex for his time, and I hope to see more work of his in the future!

Also, 2012 is very nearly over.  I'd like to send a huge thanks to everyone who supported the blog over this year, as we're just starting out.  Thank you for reading and telling your friends.  Here's to a great 2013, everyone.  Happy New Year.

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  1. wow - I love those silhouettes...something kind of endearing, yet a little haunting about them.