Thursday, October 25, 2012

Role Model

I think Swiss Miss is fantastic.  Not in a "Hey this is something cool that I'm going to tweet about." kind of way, although I tweet things that she posts quite a bit.  It's more of a "You are the person I want to be like."  Swiss Miss has transitioned from doing client work to doing entirely her own projects, like Creative Mornings, Teux Deux and Tattly.  All of this happened because she found time to work on her own thing outside of her client work.  That's something that I need to do.  I don't have client work, but I have school work, and I sometimes let it get in the way of me making things for myself, unrelated to school.  Maybe if I do that, I'll be doing all my own thing one day.

Also, why isn't there a Creative Mornings in Grand Rapids?  Detroit even has one!  I guess I'll just have to move to Chicago or something.

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  1. Damn. Chicago. Sounds rough. If only there was some way to support the endeavor...